• Fibromyalgia Pt.1
    Fibromyalgia – Wading Through Mud I was asked by my sister-in-law to write about my journey with a little understood, debilitating and often misdiagnosed condition. Honestly, it’s taken me weeks to put pen to paper, not least because there is so much I could tell you that I find it difficult to know where to […]
  • How I survived a Narcissist after just 7 Days Exposure- Pt. 3
    The Culmination After spending months researching hundreds of sites getting to understand Narcissism, reading all my old emails again to see “what I missed”, understanding the three main cycles of narcissism, I was happy and comfortable in my own skin again. What I had suffered was not fixable, curable or wanted in my life.  Here are […]
  • How I survived a Narcissist after just 7 Days Exposure – Pt. 2
    Narcissism ………Devaluation After 12 months of “love bombing”, which led up to my agreeing to go to the UK and spend a week with him,  the devaluation stage did not start until just 2 weeks before I was about to leave. The devaluation was subtle and only occasional at first.  Things like knocking what you do as […]
  • How I Survived a Narcissist after just 7 days Exposure – Pt. 1
    I always thought a Narcissist was just an extremely selfish person that did very little to zero for others.  It took a trip 13,000 miles around the world to find out the hard way of what a narcissist really is………….my story with a view to helping others……… I am British born but have lived away […]