The Power Of The Planets

What is Astrology and why have I found it so useful with understanding events and making decisions in my life?  As far back as 6000 years ago, astrology was used for daily decisions and predictions, and yet here we are “poo-pooing” its authenticity and power.

Kings consulted it, Doctors consulted the stars and fishermen used it for navigation and how to predict good fishing areas, to name a few.  It was a way of life until Sir Isaac Newton discovered relativity 300 years ago and then it was dismissed for centuries.

We still use elements of it, such as we know the moon controls the tides, we are very aware of the chaos we see and experience during Mercury in retrograde and to some degree, we recognise the commonalities of our personal star signs.  Yet because science has progressed so much, we are able to believe the physical but still dismiss the spiritual. If we can’t see it or touch it, it’s not real.

Those of us that realise astrology is a lot more than reading your daily stars in the newspaper or on the internet, can make use of that knowledge in understanding something that is happening in your world and preparing for the future.  The power of the planets is an exceptional tool in navigating life if you use it and accept your uniqueness just like you now accept DNA.

Here are some of the main planets and what they represent: –

Moon              – Your daily happiness

Mars                – The Physical

Venus              – Emotional aspects

Mercury          – Communication

Jupiter             – Growth and Opportunity

Saturn             – Stability and can be controlling – taskmaster

Uranus            – Instability and the wilder side of life

Neptune          – Spiritual

Pluto                – Deep & Intense

The North Node of the moon is not a planet but a position in space when you were born.  This represents ancient knowledge and a very deep connection.  In India, the matchmakers use these planets and positions at your time of birth, for arranged marriages to assess whether they have a good chance of being compatible or not.

So, when I look back last year, when I went through my week of hell with a narcissist, not only did I study narcissism, but I also looked at the planetary alignment and was the timing good or bad.  Needless to say, Saturn & Pluto were having an “astrological fight” which made it extra intense and very controlling.  

If Astrology is the connection of our universe, working via communication and vibration then why are we not using it more?  When Pluto and Uranus are in a square, we get huge changes happening.  Disruption, reform, environmental, economic and political changes are happening now.  If you look back over history, you see that these are repetitive cycles.  Understanding this makes things less fearful and stressful as you realise it’s a cycle and it will change and keep moving.  It gives you the courage and confidence that these changes are out of our control and ultimately leads us to a whole new way of working. 

For example, we are all now familiar with the effects of mercury when it goes retrograde.  We have problems with technology, contracts and agreements and often these things go wrong and have to be done again.  The power there is that if you are buying a new computer you would wait this period out just to be on the safe side.

We have diverted into living our lives from outside in, instead of inside out, becoming individualistic, singular and insular in our day to day living.  Yet we function much better as a community, using our natural instincts and spirit to live with fairness, caring and sharing.

Why is it that we see the very best of humanity when we are in a crisis such as a flood or earthquake? Suddenly people pull together and enjoy helping others.  When we disengage, separate from the connectedness of people and planet, we can become quite sick.  When people re-engage, have a purpose and use their spirit, we greatly improve.


Starting in December 2019 and culminating in January 2020, Saturn and Pluto are meeting up in the zodiac. This alignment has not happened for more than 700 hundred years! It’s going to be powerful and will last throughout 2020! When they are together and you get a planetary complex surrounding the issue of extraordinary gravity: apocalyptic fears, indomitable hatreds, systems of oppression. This cycle has coincided with human rights abuses, racial discrimination, genocide, terrorism, hate groups, fascism, world wars, cold wars, intractable conflicts and disease.

The equinox takes 26000 years to come full circle through the zodiac.  We are now coming out of the age of Pisces which began in Christ’s time.  We are now leaving this age and moving into the age of Aquarius (the bronze age).  This transition will see people in power clinging on to old ways and their positions in power and control.  Resisting the change.  We are now entering the age of knowledge, growth, expansion and enlightenment and the common people will be taking back their independence and control.  This will take a fight but it will gain more momentum now. This alignment of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus will be powerful in forcing us to change the things we have been ignoring and deal with the hard stuff.  If you are flexible and realize these changes need to happen and trust in going with the flow then you will benefit from some amazing opportunities and changes in your life.  

Pluto will give you the willpower to change your circumstances.  Saturn will give you patience. Saturn will make you work hard for those changes but these changes will overall be better for your life.  This may have already started in your life for the last couple of years.  You may be feeling losses, hardships and burdens but this is essential in taking us onto a whole new level.  A time of purging.  Call it cleaning out the basement. If you ignore what needs to be done, this energy will force the changes you need to make. 

The last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in 1981/82 there was drought and fire.  Think back to 1981/2 what was happening in your life then? We are now seeing a repeat of the conjuncture which challenges the belief that Co2 causes climate change……could it be something much bigger and out of our control?  Since when did Co2 cause a tectonic plate movement or a volcanic eruption????  Worth a discussion and greater research than a United Nations telling us it’s our carbon footprint, just so they can introduce a climate tax!  

I am an Aquarian and mid-January 2020 when this alignment happens this is what I am expecting:- 

If you’re Aquarius Rising, Saturn and Pluto will be transiting through your 12th House of Enemies, Weaknesses and Blind Spots. This will be a bigger deal to you than most if you are age 0, 11, 12, 23, 24, 35, 36, 47, 48, 59, 60, 71, 72, 83, 84, 95, 96, etc. at the time of the conjunction(reference Patrick Watson)

Knowing this I can be prepared and also understand what and why certain things are happening. I will be launching a new business, therefore I will be more diligent around checking my business, aware of those who may not be your “best friend” and to study more on the things I am weak in.  Not to be afraid of weaknesses but strengthen it.  The most important thing to remember is “this too shall pass”.  The good news, just to give it some balance is Jupiter………(more on this planet in a later blog).

This is ME…..

Aquarius Rising – Saturn and Pluto Transiting in your 12th House

You may find yourself going to places outside of your comfort zone where you haven’t been before, especially sad, lonely and forgotten places of great suffering: prisons, retirement homes, hospices, hospitals. You may find yourself in quiet, isolated places, by your own volition or not. You may encounter strangers with unclear motives and you won’t always be welcome or trusted where you go, and you may suffer downfalls at the hands of haters and enemies. One way you could nullify some of these 12th house associations is by extending forgiveness to people who’ve wronged you. Never to say what they did was okay, but do not bother yourself anymore with them. Insulate yourself from these less pleasant characters in your existence. This may be as simple as walking away from an argument on social media, letting someone get the last word in, pulling off the road and counting to 10. Maybe you can sacrifice the addictive burden of holding a grudge. (reference Patrick Watson)

Obviously not everyone is affected the same way, it all depends on your birth chart.  Please let me know if you need further links for this.

Take the time to get to know your sign and what that means when it aligns with some of these major planets.  In essence… prepared and make use of the energy instead of being afraid of it.  I will give you some links below to start to follow:

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