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The New 2020 Resolution

Each new year we all make those new year resolutions that we need/must/intend/improve, to do.  This year 2020 is going to be a global, lifechanging year where we need to think on a much bigger scale.  After all, we rarely keep these well-known resolutions after the first couple of months, if at all, anyway……

If you read my blog on the “Power of the Planets”, you will see why I am saying this. Going into the Age of Aquarius, our planet has moved into a new galactic position and we will be challenged this year with much bigger issues than starting that diet or cleaning out that cupboard. Our planet is going through a massive shift which will demand that we all live within integrity, kindness and caring to our fellow community.  Therefore, anything to do with helping others, caring about our planet and being back in touch with our humanity again, is all good.  This is a time of deconstruct to reconstruct so don’t fear it – go with the flow and make the changes in your life that are most needed.

So what is the best 2020 New Year resolution? What is this new solar position pushing us to do?


  • Fix what is broken or discard it
  • Stay flexible and consider new ideas
  • Have additional reserves of food, water and money
  • Don’t cling on to old habits
  • Operate with integrity
  • Be kind and help others
  • Do not make rash decisions in frustration
  • Be more conscious of the environment
  • Take extra care of those suffering mental illness
  • Be more in touch with your spirituality
  • We will be forced to get back in touch with our “humanity”

Yes, of course, we must start our diets and clean out our cupboards and read that book but also to be aware that 2020 will demand that we approach our lives with integrity at a much higher level.  2020 is also the year of karmic debt.  

There are some amazing people out there that will be required to help others where they can.  Be vigilant in the workplace as fear and struggle often manifests in anger and toxicity.  Do not be sucked in, but have patience and understanding as you do not know the fit of their shoes. Be flexible around the changes you need to make in the home and family. 

So what is the good news?

There will be an opportunity with career and success but you will need to work hard for it.  You can change your life for the better by “cleaning out the basement”.  You can discover your strengths and apply them positively.  You can make a difference!

Watch world events on the global stage……note the power struggles, the enormous changes in the climate, the war between governments – all meant to be, it needs cleansing!  A trip to the circus!!

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