The Miracles of Magnesium

My first exposure to magnesium was when a nice gentleman selling “creams” at a local market spotted me limping due to a damaged left knee.  He called me over and asked what was wrong.  Unfortunately, a damaged meniscus cartilage that just swelled up regularly.  Nothing can be done as it wasn’t bad enough but swelled whenever it was walked on for a long time or other activity.

He started to tell me about his magnesium cream he had initially developed for his wife who suffered badly with arthritis.  He could see I wasn’t really interested so he offered to put some on my knee, walk around the market and if when I passed him again the swelling had gone down then maybe I would take another look.

Yes, you guessed it, swelling gone down and zero pain.  I bought a small tub to see how I would go.  To this day I take it everywhere, but during his chat he taught me a lot about the “miracles of Magnesium”. How it’s a natural muscle relaxer and the No.1 mineral for the body, it has more than 300 functions in the body.

I also had trouble with sleeping and sometimes fogginess so he again told me to take magnesium just before going to bed or with dinner, but to make sure it was good quality and at least  400 mg. a day.  It would also help my type 2 diabetes.  Elevated glucose levels increase the loss of magnesium in the urine and yes I was getting up several times a night.

When you feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too

With the help of his amazing cream (see link under products) bath salts and powdered magnesium, I very quickly began to see results.

As I said, I take it everywhere with me, so on my visit to the UK I gave some to my Sister-In-Law who had just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was in severe pain in all of her joints.  Initially met with scepticism until the next morning when she INSISTED I left the small tub of cream with her!!   She loves it so much I am hoping she will become my UK agent!

Another instance was meeting a lady that was quite senior in the Arthritis Society and was also a sufferer.  I introduced the cream to her and again another excellent result.   A friends Son was suffering with sever “growing pains” which all tests said were not growing pains at all.  After thousands of dollars in medical tests and research, they still did not know what it was.  I recommended magnesium baths and the cream for the joints, explaining my results and that of my Sister-In-Law.  To date it has been the best reliever they have found.  I strongly suspect Fibromyalgia when listening to the symptoms but hey I am NOT a Doctor so it’s just a layman’s guess.  The good thing is it can’t hurt trying it!

So to share this amazing product I have arranged with the supply company to make it available via this web site………..hope you find it as amazing as I did……

Some conditions it helps:

-Irregular sleep


-Musclular aches

-Diabetes type 2

-Joint pain


How to choose from the many products on offer:-

  • Amount of magnesium – first things first, take a look at the ingredients label and see how much is included in each serving. Typically, amounts will range from 200 to 400mg. 400mg is at the upper end of the recommended intake levels, so if you’re wanting to start slow with a smaller dose you may want to consider a lower magnesium dosage product. With that being said, you’ll also want to keep in mind the cost of each product and how it relates to the amount of the mineral.
  • Type(s) of magnesium – there are several different types of magnesium used in these products. Magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, and many more. While all of these types offer the same main perk – more magnesium in your system – they work slightly differently and absorb at different rates.
  • Other ingredients – some magnesium supplements also contain other minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, potassium, and more. These extra ingredients may or may not be necessary for you, depending on your situation.
  • Brand quality – who makes the product? What is their reputation? Are they a large, reputable company, or one you’ve never heard of? Our list of magnesium product recommendations  contains products ONLY from top-notch companies, but if you shop elsewhere on the web or even your local supplement store, be aware that not all companies use the same quality standards or offer the same level of product quality.
  • Value – the last factor of note will be the value presented by the product, generally best calculated as a cost-per-serving figure. You’ll want to find something that fits within your budget, while still being a good quality product. Obviously don’t go for the cheapest option, necessarily, but keep cost in mind as you make your selection.

Always check with your practitioner first before taking anything…….

Here’s a couple of credible links with Dr OZ on Magnesium.

(Click here to go to products link…….)

2 replies on “The Miracles of Magnesium”

Thanks Kathy – after speaking with you I grabbed a bottle of Nutrilife Magnesium Sleep Plus from the supermarket shelf – it calms my mind after a busy day at work and eases muscles so no more fidgeting.
A better nights sleep just sets me up to make the most of the next day.

Hi Vicki
Sorry for the delay in replying, my new magnesium powder has made me too relaxed! Being a superior sales executive, you are not an easy sell, so I am proud of you for caring enough about yourself to take that step. No wonder you are excelling at work!! Well done and watch my products page for some other excellent recommendations that I personally use. Welcome to the Band of B’z.

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