Believe in Yourself – Pt. 2

Believe in Yourself Pt. 2THE HOW

  1. Changing Jobs:-

Most people who are in a bad job are either suffering a bad boss, a toxic culture or are bored because they have reached their potential in that role.  If a company does not have an effective development plan in place, then they inevitably end up losing their staff, often the best ones at that.  Even today, many companies to not perform constructive exit interviews where they can gather the data on why people leave.  They have little to zero workforce planning in place.  If they calculated the cost of continued replacement, the Chief Executive should be horrified.

So, first things first, you need to identify your real reasons for wanting to leave. 

  1. Document them. 
  2. Next is to ask if you love what you do.
  3. Are there only certain aspects of the role that you like?
  4. If you could, what would be your dream job?
  5. Do you like the type of company and its business?
  6. What aspects do you loathe or dread?
  7. Is it a toxic culture, but the job is OK other than that?

Once you have the data around what is wrong with your job, its time to build.  Most people wait until they have reached the end of their tether before preparing for the move.  The dangers of this is that you leave in haste or even get retrenched, then you are looking for that “anything, as long as it pays” job, which inevitably ends up just like the previous job.  Here are the most common justifications around the “money” driven decision:-

“What does good look like”.

  1. I have a mortgage/high rent
  2. I have 1/2/3 children in private schooling/university
  3. We have 2 (or more cars to pay for)
  4. We took out a renovation loan that I pay for
  5. My partner doesn’t work and I’m the main breadwinner

Does some of this sound familiar?  Well, most of the western world fit into this category and those that do not have that privilege and are in a third world have to fight just to eat every day. Therefore, your situation is not unique but becomes a powerful driver.  This is why you PLAN.  If you are suddenly unemployed due to retrenchment, company closing down, end of contract etc, then the panic becomes worst.

No1 move – do the above exercise immediately, if you haven’t already.

No2 move – register with a career counsellor or a recruitment consultant that are renown for this approach (not all of them are!). Get a recommendation from someone you know.

No3 move – concentrate on getting the job that works for you in an environment that you want to work in.  The career counsellor should do this with you.

No4 move – You AND your consultant should target what you have identified as “ideal”

No5 move – start to go online and research some companies you have identified or just take a look at who is advertising and for what.  Is your list worth that effort?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

If you can take a week to get this right and plan that next job instead of just taking a jobchances are much greater you will be happier and in a company paying you what you are worth.  Remember, you get paid for the job and not for your list of personal responsibilities!  So start this as early as you can and not leave the plan until the last minute.  Do it sitting on the bus or train.  In the garden when you get home.  Then find that specialist recruiter, word of mouth is the best sourcing method.

Put an ad on LinkedIn and Facebook to say you are available and what you are looking for.  If it’s well worded and with some flair, you will be amazed at who will see it and call you.

  • Starting your own Business:-

I don’t think I have met many people if any, that do not have and idea, dream, goal or even fantasy.  We have the most amazing creative minds.  Some people are more outgoing and less risk-averse, some are more insular with higher risk adversity.  Yet everyone is capable of doing more, once they step from behind that protective fence with all the reasons hanging from its barbed wire:-

  1. I can’t afford to start my own company.
  2. I don’t know where to start.
  3. I’ve never done accounting
  4. I don’t like selling…
  5. What’s a digital marketing plan?
  6. What does SEO mean?
  7. How long would it be before I could earn from it…….etc etc etc

Yes, I agree, what an ELEPHANT! But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Again the same rules apply, start making those lists.  List your fears, list the positives the business would give you and then starting “biting”

A) How do I make a business plan?

B) What basics do I need to just get started?

C) Can I start this in the evenings and weekends whilst I’m working?

There are hundreds of online sites that map this out for you and you take it one module at a time at your pace. This is how I got started.  This is my blog site but I am about to launch a new web site and online business that 9 months ago I had no clue as to how. I knew it was to be an online business.  I knew the theme and what I wanted to do and why.  I didn’t have a clue as to how until I paid $29.99 for a beginners in online digital marketing course.  I went through 5 modules that were heaped with information but clever step by step online examples for beginners, even which button to push!!  I had a friend with a very successful online business that began to explain what it all meant and what I needed to do.  I realised this was ENORMOUS – a science that thousands of people are doing but I was overwhelmed.  She said – “one step at a time, do the course and it will all fall into place”.

I reached the point after 4 months and hours of learning, that I could build a basic web site, drive traffic to that web site and learn how to make money.  

At this point, I left my job to do it full time as it was a lot of work, but I was loving learning something new and it was for me.  Not only did I want a new web site and online business, I wanted a separate blog site too where I can help others achieve their dream to regain their confidence and be the best they can be.  Ambitious I know but I’m already halfway there 

New web site to be released soon, I will post once it’s ready.

In the meantime, here is a link to one of the many online sites that can help you with initial planning and structure.  This one is by Zero, great simple accounting software company with credibility.  There are hundreds, just keep looking…..

If you need assistance,  mentor or sounding board, please contact me.  Become one of my band of Bz……

Affirmation to be said every day and night:-

“I am the most valuable asset I have and yes I CAN do it”

Without you being the best you can be, everything and everyone else in your special sphere has a problem. Once you have done it, pass the baton to a friend, a family member or colleague and help them.

I am passing my baton to my beautiful Sister-in-Law who has Fibromyalgia and has never asked anyone for a thing!!  (see Fibromyalgia blog once it’s released).

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