How I survived a Narcissist after just 7 Days Exposure- Pt. 3

The Culmination

After spending months researching hundreds of sites getting to understand Narcissism, reading all my old emails again to see “what I missed”, understanding the three main cycles of narcissism, I was happy and comfortable in my own skin again. What I had suffered was not fixable, curable or wanted in my life.  Here are the main things I learned that helped me not to regret dumping him.

  • I did not cause it
  • I did not deserve it
  • I cannot fix it
  • I must never take on responsibility for it
  • What is NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)
  • What is “the False Face”
  • What symptoms to look for
  • How to avoid Narcissistic rage
  • How to recover as quickly as possible and get back your self -confidence. 


But I will always carry empathy in my heart for what caused a sick brain adjustment that ruined a life and consequently damaged many others.  To know that nothing can change a person’s journey because they are mentally incapable of change and are so damaged. The sadness and horror of the reality of how many people out there are Narcissists and there is no law against the damage they cause unless they step over the boundary of being a Psychopath and engage in physical damage. However, that empathy must NEVER translate into “let’s try again”.

Understanding the type of Narcissists there are:-




Please see some of my favourite links below.  These sites are experts and explain things in a way you can fully understand what is happening inside that person you now see as inhuman.

Dr Abdul Saad

David de Mars

Dr Ramani Durvasula

The Little Sharman  

It’s important to understand the different types of Narcissism so that you can spot the symptoms in the future.  Once I understood the subject, I realized I also worked for a passive-aggressive covert narcissistic boss.  Just imagine how many of those are out there…..

A relationship you can leave but a boss, well, you need to change your job and who knows if you will inherit another?  They say approximately 20% of the population are narcissistic.  Which means in most daily circumstances, you are in the room with one…..

Learn the boundaries, keep your distance and NEVER think you can win in an argument……don’t even try.  I am strong and articulate and rarely back down but with this, it’s like avoiding the black death, assume it will kill you.

If this is the result of just 7 days what does a person go through after several months, several years?  I found his ex-partner online and saw that she had not worked in the 10 years since they had finished and that she was a patient at a Narcissism Clinic.  Her friend said,” I doubt she will ever really recover”.  He stole her Son, her money, her confidence and self -esteem.  Thanks to the cosmos and that “divine intervention” I only had ……..7 days exposure.

They leave you broken and in debt as they are obsessed with money.  They are master manipulators and you will be giving them and supporting them in ways you never believed were possible.  They have trained in this role all their lives, consider them experts.


 With several billion people on this planet, there must surely be a “normal one” for you!!

The end result is I am “back to being me”.  I have started my own business along with this blog site to help others.  I am fit, healthy and enjoy brainstorming with others that want to improve their lives by building a business, understanding the power of the planets or just find a new job.  Sharing ideas and support is a much greater reward than being in a toxic destructive relationship and I don’t care how charismatic they are……. It’s a false face!!

Watch for more Narcissism blogs coming soon……..

Next blog   ………other tools I used to help me along the way

The Power of the Planets

2 replies on “How I survived a Narcissist after just 7 Days Exposure- Pt. 3”

I love it! Been marry for 20 yrs. to a Covert Narcissist. 3 children youngest vis 10 yrs. son my whole life was already cup side down. But when I found out she was cheating and then moved the man in our home after I was gone less than 3 weeks. I was just SHOCK, WHO COULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! A workmate I confined in talk to me about Covert Narcissist. I never knew about it! That was my aha moment! Your information is the iceing on the cake. Thank you for caring. It is so many of us who just don’t know!

Hi Perry
It’s worth every minute of effort if you can help just one person – Please log into Abdul Saad from the Vitalmind clinic. He does whiteboard explanations of how Narcissists are different to us and what happens in their brains. Also, the Little Shaman does daily podcasts – well worth watching to keep you strong. The more you know about this incurable condition the luckier you will feel about getting out!! Just remember, you didn’t cause it, you are not responsible for it and you cannot fix it. They possess zero empathy or remorse as they don’t feel it all they care about id what serves them. Best of luck to you.

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