Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat

Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat

Do you feel that life is controlling you or you are controlling your life?  Are you often overwhelmed, fed up with life, your job, your family? Do you think every day that you would like to be more in control and enjoying life rather than dreading it?  Then it’s time to get out the thermometer to see how high that thermostat has got.  

I’ve just done it!! Now I’ll help you…..

Are you scared because you don’t want to face the results?  But you already know what they are……….so how do you eat an elephant?…… One bite at a time and I find that this works for me.  When I decided to leave work and start my own business from home, boy it was scary.  I had always had a secure well paid job but not always a satisfying one.  Approaching retirement age I thought its “now or never” but all the “yes, but’s” kept flowing into my mind.  So, the first step is clear the mind, but how do you do that running a marathon of work and family every day?   Break it down into bite-size pieces……..and take it one bite at a time…

I was initially so overwhelmed …..but I got there…

When I worked in recruitment, I would interview candidates that either needed a job or wanted to change a job.  The most common denominator with all of them was their overwhelming barrier list in their minds…

  1. I have to pay the mortgage
  2. I have kids in college with high fees
  3. We have 2 cars on loan
  4. My partner doesn’t earn enough to cover everything
  5. The house needs renovating
  6. We also take care of Mum & Dad

And on and on the list can go.  So you make a note of all of their issues.  The idea is to have a plan that eradicates all of that.  Firstly, what’s the common denominator here?  YOU.  Amazing, fabulous YOU.!! So let’s start there.  One bite at a time.

The same principle applies when you need to get out that thermometer and assess your life before you can make a plan on how to change it:-

  1. Do you work and if not do you want to?
  2. What’s the financial status of you and/or your family
  3. What’s the day to day living status of you and/or your family?
  4. What is it I would love to do if there were no “barriers?

I have built other people’s careers, increased their status and their pay, yet here I was not using my own methods on myself!!  BUT, eventually, I began…

You CANNOT help your partner, family, friends or community until YOU are STRONG.  You CANNOT do this from a place of weakness.  Here is the hard part, especially for parents and empathetic people who do NOT put themselves first.

Do YOU first……….balance=strength=happy=better quality of life…….

Once you decide “something needs to change”, then sit down preferably alone (as it is you that will need to implement your plan).  Only once you have done a list of all the “barriers” and then a list of all the things you want to change or improve, can you then work on a plan.

At this stage, you can involve a partner, friend or family but first, you MUST be sure in your mind what you want to do and not what they want you to do.  Otherwise, you are still trying to live someone else’s life.  Ask for their support and how you can navigate around the barriers, even if it’s only asking for a couple of “Free Time” hours a week so you can study, plan or even start to retrain.  Ask your children for their support and how they could help you.  Everything is doable, it’s just finding the how.   BRAINSTORM!  Make it exciting and positive. 

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

Ask brave questions:-

  1. Is my current situation sustainable?
  2. Is it making me happy and subsequently my family happy?
  3. What would the long term benefits be if I implemented a change
  4. If I start today, in 12 months, how will my life look?
  5. What are the consequences if I do nothing?

How high is my thermometer on the overload scale?

If you form a solid idea and have it straight in your mind, it’s amazing how many people will support you.  To have a “besty” that you can talk to and help you plan and implement your changes is also a good supportive approach as long as you are clear that you DO want to change your life.  

See my blog Believe in yourself for tips on simple steps you can take……… also coming are blogs on preparing for global change.

The power of One – To have a brain is not a sin, but to have a brain and not use it, that is a sin.

Could it be that you just need to:-

  1. Improve your diet?
  2. Do some exercise each day even if it’s just a walk?
  3. Reduce debt?
  4. Have an improved daily structure?
  5. Get more sleep?
  6. Plan a holiday?
  7. Change your job?
  8. Move house?
  9. Leave or improve partner relationship?
  10. Or all of the above?

No matter how much or how little of the above applies to you, your brain needs the right food to think and plan with rationality.  See link to Dr Oz tips on food for the brain.

It wasn’t until I left a full-time job and began working from home did I begin to implement some of the simple dietary habits needed for my brain and general health.  After just one month, people were beginning to comment on my skin, hair and more relaxed manner.

I have never followed diets because the minute I tried one, my brain automatically craved what I couldn’t have.  However, recently by accident, I discovered the Keto diet which my body liked.  I realised it was very close to the food we had when growing up, meat + 2 veg concept and when you think back, it worked.  We didn’t have takeaway pizza’s or Macdonald’s or lots of carbs.  We walked everywhere and got pleasure from the simple things in life like the beach or a walk through the woods on a Sunday and the whole family did it.

My current daily structure is still out of whack but I have better sleep and eat a better diet.  This has enabled me to think clearer and with less stress.  Now I can begin to help others even if it’s just sharing experience and ideas, helping with a resume, diet ideas, over 60- health ideas (due to those nasty changes that appear overnight!).  It’s a good feeling…

Managing one person is a challenge so managing a family takes a smart planner.

Subscribe and share your ideas and experiences with my Band of B’z club.  How your personal thermostat made you change and the steps you took to reach it.  Having no children means that these changes are a lot easier for me so I am keen to hear from families that have managed to make life changes either by choice or by force and what the outcome was.

You are your greatest asset and worth the effort in becoming Balanced