Best First Step I Ever Made

My First Step to Independence

To achieve Independence and change your life means you will make many first steps, as I have done throughout my life. In making these decisions, you need to be BRAVE, BELIEVE and stay BALANCED.  Scary already isn’t it!!  The very first question to ask id “what do I have to lose if I do this AND if I don’t!.   Here is a list of some of my “First Steps”:

Left Home at 19 and moved to London

Bought my first home

Moved from the UK to Australia at 42

Moved from Australia to NZ at 59

Left full-time employment to begin my “Own Business”.

Even though I have been married, had some great relationships, ironically all of these steps I took alone!  It’s a balance between the scary part of taking such huge steps alone or the complexity of convincing someone else to do it with you.  I am sure there are many of you that fit both camps. Add kids to that and your mind becomes a washing machine…..

The last step listed above is probably the most important for you, my Band of Bz, as this was made close to retirement, in a new country and having to learn from scratch a whole new skill, its language, process, structure and application in the world of Digital Sales and Marketing ………….starting my own online business that I could do from home at any age…..

Now I knew I was brave, I had proven this many times by moving countries alone.  I believed in what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it, I just needed the HOW!!  Simple erh?

Once I began to research what I needed to know to achieve my goal, I became overwhelmed with how big this whole subject is and how many “experts” there were out there that wanted to help you……..of course for a price.  Now I didn’t have a problem with paying for experts to help me but as most of us know, there are many interpretations of the word “expert”.  Most of them are experts at giving you enough to get started but never enough to let you fully run……without paying more that is.  So, I have learned a lot of new skills but also a lot of what people need to make that BRAVE move without regretting it and getting stuck in no man’s land on the way. The basics apply no matter which camp you sit in…

I am not alone in this independent journey, there are many that have either taken that “First Step” or who are about to.  So I have put in place some FREE help for those of you that wish to build something of your own, need to know who, where and what you will need to ensure you can at least be fully functional and get your idea off the ground.  Then you can pay for experts to refine and grow but with at least some knowledge of what is really needed and what is not to reach your Independence.

I have a blog site, which you are on if reading this and a web site that is my business on “Sustainability in a Crisis”.  That web site is where there is a heap of information, freebie downloads, a members club and products needed to survive in a crisis, whether it is financial, environmental or global/political.  

It is all still a work in progress and there will be additional sectors added such as building your own Eco home without needing a double mortgage.  Living “off-grid” and understanding the basics. 

The most important message is that I took the risk, backed myself and got up and running in 4 months.  This would have been shorter if I had known some of the glitches I would face during the process.  These I will share with you a little later.

So, subscribe to my site and become a member Bz.  Send me a message if you need some help and direction, for FREE!!.

In the meantime, be Brave, Believe and stay Balanced……….

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