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Don’t Panic – Do Prepare

What? Where? Why?  Did this virus get released into the community and spread the way it has?  The following is only my opinion based on why I question these things when the dots don’t join up and there are a lot of dots not joining up.

  1. Why are labs developing these viruses and how do they get released?
  2. If you develop a virus then why not develop a vaccine?
  3. Why do governments assume the public is stupid and fall for the BS that gets released such as this came from bats or a seafood stall in Wuhan?
  4. More people die from the flu each year yet this is being labelled a pandemic when in most countries there are fewer deaths than the annual flu! (at time of writing this blog).  That’s if you believe the numbers. see below for latest numbers from WHO at the time of loading.
  5. More people die on a daily basis from fentanyl and opioid overdoses than this, so why the scaremongering?
  6. How did Iran get it so badly when fewer people travel there than the USA.
  7. Why is it getting labelled a pandemic when there are less than 30 deaths in most countries?
  8. What if they were trying to bring down the economy and blame it on Trump to prevent him from winning the election, would that make sense?

Simple, control.  How do you control the people and collapse the economy?  FEAR!!  Is this a trial run to see how the public reacts?  Who knows what the real answers are? I believe this is pure scaremongering and it’s deliberate. All designed to bring down the economy and gain more control. And, it’s working with several countries totally locked down!! I will be pleased when more people start questioning this. All this has proven is that people respond to FEAR and therefore can be controlled.

I have a Mother with COPD so of course I am concerned as she would struggle to survive just as she does every year with the flu or a lung infection.  I believe in taking precautions and increasing personal hygiene and prepping for a crisis.  The crisis is the knock-on effect of this type of scaremongering. Most of which the Media are responsible for…..nearly every post contains different numbers.  

It is never a waste of time having extra food, water and cash in readiness for any crisis whether it’s an earthquake or a global economic disaster, or a “pandemic”.  Go to my Preppers web site and download the FREEBIE lists to help you.

 Take responsibility for your safety, health and security because I would never rely on a system that lies, misleads or even develops this type of BS in the first place.  It’s the economic effect that makes things scarier than the virus.  Look at how the stock market has responded in every country and would you trust the central banking system?  Hell no!! I have spoken to four banks about Bail-In’s and they do not know what I’m talking about… my blog on “should you do the Gold and Silver Run”, on my web site.

Let’s see how quickly China suddenly has a vaccine once its achieved the collapse of the economy and the USD………Conspiracy?  Who knows but I am hearing more and more people questioning this than believing it……..  

Food will increase in price as there are millions of tons of it rotting in ports.  Once the price is increased it won’t come down, it never does.  Fuel will go up even though the oil price has dropped.  House prices will tumble. Most of this you cannot control but you can be ready. Just prepare in an organised, non-panic way and you will ride out this round of global BS….

Maybe we need to Ask these Questions as well –

Take care of each other and do your research, share information and look after the vulnerable!!…..happy prepping.

Don’t Panic – Do Prepare!!

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Fibromyalgia Pt.1

Fibromyalgia – Wading Through Mud

I was asked by my sister-in-law to write about my journey with a little understood, debilitating and often misdiagnosed condition. Honestly, it’s taken me weeks to put pen to paper, not least because there is so much I could tell you that I find it difficult to know where to begin! It really makes me anxious to think about how my life has changed over the past six years too. My concentration is poor, my short term memory is shocking – meaning that thoughts I may have evaporated into the ether very quickly and often remain outside of my grasp, which is in itself exhausting and frustrating, to say the least! However, I’m still here living life, and here is the first part of my story.

My name is Bev, I am 54 years old, live in a small rural market town in Lincolnshire, England, and I have Fibromyalgia, coupled with Osteoarthritis. Fibromyalgia is a canny little blighter as it’s often invisible to others but can manifest itself in many ways. My main symptoms are severe, widespread pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and memory problems (“fibro fog”), sleep problems and irritable bowel syndrome – but there are many more that affect me to varying degrees. Like many people with fibromyalgia, I can look much better than I feel – and the condition is often described as an invisible illness for this reason. Because you don’t look ill, or there is no obvious cause for the symptoms, people may not believe that you are as ill as you say you are – and this disbelief can come from work colleagues, medical professionals, family and friends, as well as from complete strangers. On a good day, I’ve become adept at hiding it from others, (particularly my family).  I mean, who wants to be around someone who is constantly whinging and moaning about how you feel, right? But woe betide you do too much, put additional stress on your body or feel stressed for other reasons. Fibromyalgia will pay you back eventually, and may keep you in bed, unable to leave the house for several days or weeks resulting in what is commonly called a “flare-up”. The simplest of tasks can become overwhelming, such as making yourself a meal or washing the dishes and climbing the stairs is like climbing a mountain! 

It’s difficult to know when my fibromyalgia began really. In my late teens, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was already living on my own in a city 35 miles from my hometown and was loving life as a chef in a large hotel. Moving back home was difficult as I valued my independence (and still do by the way). Once I was on the right medication, I began to recognise triggers so that I could manage to have a full and active life. I was lucky, I was able to just got on with it, got married, had two wonderful children and worked full-time. No way would I let epilepsy define who I was, in fact, many of my friends were unaware. However as time passed I began to experience sporadic periods of fatigue, depression, an aching body and no-one who knows me would ever describe me as a morning person! I always put these symptoms down to the medication though. However about eleven years ago, a couple of years after my divorce, I decided the medication was impinging on my general health too much. The depression was becoming more frequent; I experienced anxiety and bouts of anaemia, leaving me exhausted. I decided enough was enough and rightly or wrongly weaned myself off the medication. That was around 2008.

They say that Fibromyalgia can be brought on by stress or a virus. Fast track to 2014/15 and a series of events happened which changed my life. My son had been experiencing serious mental health problems which came to a head that year, as he tried to commit suicide on several occasions and had to go into a rehabilitation facility at the other side of the country 200miles away: my daughter ran from the tension it caused in our family to work in Egypt. I got her home after she was duly hospitalised after being mugged, my 21-year-old niece died after having a major epileptic seizure, my partner left,  my dog and cat died. I had also started a degree course at university and a new job, bad timing or what?!!!

I think I lived that time in a sort of anaesthetised state. I became a machine, my moto being – just get your head down and get on with it. To some degree, I think I used both work and my studies to get me through it all. Again the sporadic periods of pain and fatigue crept up on me. I thought it inevitable considering what had happened and at last towards the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, things began to settle down for my children which made me feel better too of course.  My daughter had reunited with her boyfriend and bought their first little house as she was expecting my granddaughter (they’re now happily married with two children), and my son was back home and in a relationship with his bride to be.

All was well until March 2016. I now worked with my son in law’s mum. When we first met in 2014 she struck me as being this gregarious and kind lady full of life and fun.  We became friends but it soon became apparent that she too had mental health issues. I tried to help, I nagged her to let me take her to the doctor. Her behaviour reminded me so much of my son’s but she took her own life that March. As a consequence, my son in law came to live with me for a while as the house they were purchasing was being renovated. His brother, who now had nowhere to live came too. There were five adults sharing my little two bedroomed house – all grieving. It affected everybody for different reasons of course, but as my maternal instincts to them, all grew stronger, my heart became heavier and my body became weaker. By the Autumn of 2016, I contracted a winter virus. If you’ve ever had the flu, you know how it feels, you ache all over, your head feels like it’s full of cotton wool and you’re so full of fatigue you can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. It’s like gravity is pressing down on you, making you feel heavy and weak. That feeling has never left me – It’s like wading through mud.  

Don’t despair Fibromyalgia sufferers, I do realise that my experiences don’t make for positive reading, but I’m still here alive and kicking! Oh yes, indeed I am!! I’m well aware that many people experience much worse than me, but I was asked to share my story such as it is. What’s happened in the last three years to getting a diagnosis is another story.  

Watch this space for part 2 – The Diagnosis


Safety and the Single Girl

The Story

After experiencing a burglary at Christmas 2018, being a single female, was debilitating, to say the least. Three men broke into my home via my garage and stole more than you could imagine in a few minutes. I quickly had to scratch upon the home and personal safety and security. I had a security door, floodlights, window braces and an alarm, so where had it gone wrong, enabling these mongrels to break into my garage.  

My car was in the garage and I was awake in bed at the time.  I heard the noise but thought it was a neighbour arriving home.  It was only when they tried ripping out the gun safe from the wall did I realise it was in my garage.   I ran down the stairs and they heard me and off they drove.  Not before they had stolen all my expensive tools, toolbox, raided the car and the garage remote.

How could this happen?  I had all the right things in place.  Thankfully, a local security company and the police came to my assistance and that’s when I began to learn the sheer gall of these people.  Although my back door was a security door they still found a way of jigging the lock to get in.  I had windows all around the garage and they could see what I had “on offer”. I knew they had “cased” the house previously as all the security lights around the house had been pushed upwards so they wouldn’t come on.  They knew I was home!

It is terrifying being on your own and coping with three men that broke in!

The Damage

  • They stole more than $3,000 worth of tools
  • Taken the car manual
  • Taken the garage remote (it was in the car)
  • Taken more than $2,000 worth of garden tools – all Stihl
  • Ripped the gun safe from the wall (but didn’t manage to take it)
  • And numerous other items


  • How did they get so much so quickly?
  • When did they case my house?
  • How did they get into a security door?
  • Why take the car manual?
  • Why take the garage remote?
  • Did they know I had guns (I had not told anyone except my boss and one friend)
  • How did they get so much so fast?
  • Would they have hurt me?
  • Would they have got into the house?
  • Would they come back!!

What I learned and want to pass on

Thanks to some great security people, they went through it all step by step to highlight how this had happened.  Usually, someone comes during the day with a “delivery”.  They walk around the house and take a look for a spot to “leave the delivery”, checking your security.  I even had security stickers on the windows!  They could see in the garage windows, assessed what and where their “treasure” was.  The upturning of the spotlights and where they were placed. The positioning of their car for a quick getaway. These were professionals, not young looters stumbling on an opportunity. 

Although I had an alarm, it was not partitioned for different parts of the house so I didn’t have it on when I was in bed. I had brackets on the windows but not all.  The security specialist showed me how they had jigged the security lock on the back door and that the new locks actually go into the framework and brickwork for more strength. He showed me how the gun safe had been pulled from the wall even though I had it drilled into the floor.  How leaving my car unlocked (as most people do) had given them additional treasure and that the manual and garage remote were taken so they could come back and take the car.  PANIC!

The resulting sleepless nights, listening to every sound and getting up to check outside was proving to be debilitating, so here are some tips that they taught me that I hope will help you and what they implemented in my home did not cost a fortune either.

Tips and Tricks

  • Put padlocks on each side of the garage door just above the trackwheel so the door won’t go up even with the remote
  • Tape your red string emergency door lever to its bracket so you can un-tape if you need to use it, but they cant hook it over the top of garage door (see links for these tips)
  • I put a better lock on the back door
  • Blinds are now up at the garage windows
  • Lock your car even though it’s in your garage, keeping the car inaccessible and your belongings inside. (some people even leave their keys in the car)
  • Leave a light on and vary the rooms
  • I had all windows fitted with brackets so I could have them open but they can’t get in
  • The alarm was reprogrammed so the bottom part of the house and garage are on all night
  • Tell a trusted neighbour when you’re out
  • Have an alarm monitoring company
  • Have a “beware of the dog sticker”
  • The gun safe was refitted with bolts in the walls and floor that are a minimum of 75mm and no spaces for hands to grab the safe
  • I also have personal safety defence items that I can use 
  • Where possible have a dog
  • A driveway alarm has been installed along with camera
  • Night LCD camera’s has been strategically placed outside
  • Have a spotlight that is out of reach – on the roof
  • Have a video doorbell at your door
  • Have a combination entry lock on your door

It sounds a lot but if you do the main items first that will make it a “too hard” attempt as they need to get in and out fast.  Always, as a single female, think of your personal security and what to do to defend yourself.  Using my gun would have broken the law so that’s a no-no (unless you’re in the USA), but other items would not.  

The Insurance claim

Now this section will not surprise you at all!!  Yep, you guessed it, the hoops you now need to jump through to make your claim.  Three days after the burglary I was assigned a case manager whose opening statement was “you sat in bed whilst your house was being burgled”!!  Needless to say after reporting this to a supervisor and how I was going to put it on social media that night, I was immediately assigned a  new “manager”.  I was given a spreadsheet that you couldn’t read, to complete along with cost, receipts and photos of the items.  So I ask you, how many people can find the receipts or have taken photos of all your tools? What if you had moved countries as I had?  The nightmare begins…….

Rule No 1

  • Do not tolerate any BS designed to make your claim null and void.  Record all conversations on your phone and tell them you are doing so.

Rule No 2

  • Today, take photos of all the items in your garage and your house, it will take thirty minutes. Do close-ups of the make and serial numbers.

Rule No 3

  • Have a receipt pouch that all receipts get put into

Rule no 4

  • Where possible mark your items with a bit of paint this makes resale more difficult

Rule No 5

  • Make sure of the price as insurance companies DO NOT refund you the original price, they refund the price THEY can buy it for!!!  Check this with your insurance company before taking out the insurance. 

Rule No 6

  • Write down the makes of items and where you bought it if you don’t have receipts. A closeup photo is good.

Rule No 7

  • Always report to the police, a claim needs a Police case number otherwise you probably won’t be refunded

The Police

The police were there in about 4 minutes because I had a gun on the premises. They were supportive and kind and took down the details.  Forensics only took prints from the gun safe and nothing else!!

They did not ask who had been to the property or investigate whether I suspected anyone at all.  The reason is this:- they cannot prosecute without proof, fingerprints, full clear facial photo or camera recording, full photo of a number plate. In other words, little chance of catching them.  You are also limited to what you can do in your own home to protect yourself.  I do have empathy for the police as their hands are tied in getting people into court and the mongrel thieves know this.

Ladies, learn self-defence!

So, in conclusion, my lovely community, don’t lose sleep, take action!  If you want a safe get specialist advice as most safes can be broken into in a minute.  See Youtube video on this.  Be safe lovely people!! 


Best First Step I Ever Made

My First Step to Independence

To achieve Independence and change your life means you will make many first steps, as I have done throughout my life. In making these decisions, you need to be BRAVE, BELIEVE and stay BALANCED.  Scary already isn’t it!!  The very first question to ask id “what do I have to lose if I do this AND if I don’t!.   Here is a list of some of my “First Steps”:

Left Home at 19 and moved to London

Bought my first home

Moved from the UK to Australia at 42

Moved from Australia to NZ at 59

Left full-time employment to begin my “Own Business”.

Even though I have been married, had some great relationships, ironically all of these steps I took alone!  It’s a balance between the scary part of taking such huge steps alone or the complexity of convincing someone else to do it with you.  I am sure there are many of you that fit both camps. Add kids to that and your mind becomes a washing machine…..

The last step listed above is probably the most important for you, my Band of Bz, as this was made close to retirement, in a new country and having to learn from scratch a whole new skill, its language, process, structure and application in the world of Digital Sales and Marketing ………….starting my own online business that I could do from home at any age…..

Now I knew I was brave, I had proven this many times by moving countries alone.  I believed in what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it, I just needed the HOW!!  Simple erh?

Once I began to research what I needed to know to achieve my goal, I became overwhelmed with how big this whole subject is and how many “experts” there were out there that wanted to help you……..of course for a price.  Now I didn’t have a problem with paying for experts to help me but as most of us know, there are many interpretations of the word “expert”.  Most of them are experts at giving you enough to get started but never enough to let you fully run……without paying more that is.  So, I have learned a lot of new skills but also a lot of what people need to make that BRAVE move without regretting it and getting stuck in no man’s land on the way. The basics apply no matter which camp you sit in…

I am not alone in this independent journey, there are many that have either taken that “First Step” or who are about to.  So I have put in place some FREE help for those of you that wish to build something of your own, need to know who, where and what you will need to ensure you can at least be fully functional and get your idea off the ground.  Then you can pay for experts to refine and grow but with at least some knowledge of what is really needed and what is not to reach your Independence.

I have a blog site, which you are on if reading this and a web site that is my business on “Sustainability in a Crisis”.  That web site is where there is a heap of information, freebie downloads, a members club and products needed to survive in a crisis, whether it is financial, environmental or global/political.  

It is all still a work in progress and there will be additional sectors added such as building your own Eco home without needing a double mortgage.  Living “off-grid” and understanding the basics. 

The most important message is that I took the risk, backed myself and got up and running in 4 months.  This would have been shorter if I had known some of the glitches I would face during the process.  These I will share with you a little later.

So, subscribe to my site and become a member Bz.  Send me a message if you need some help and direction, for FREE!!.

In the meantime, be Brave, Believe and stay Balanced……….

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