• The Power Of The Planets
    What is Astrology and why have I found it so useful with understanding events and making decisions in my life?  As far back as 6000 years ago, astrology was used for daily decisions and predictions, and yet here we are “poo-pooing” its authenticity and power. Kings consulted it, Doctors consulted the stars and fishermen used it […]
  • Believe in Yourself – Pt. 2
    Believe in Yourself Pt. 2 – THE HOW Changing Jobs:- Most people who are in a bad job are either suffering a bad boss, a toxic culture or are bored because they have reached their potential in that role.  If a company does not have an effective development plan in place, then they inevitably end up losing their […]
  • Believe in Yourself – Pt. 1
    I have always been lucky in having a strong secure personality, able to communicate with anyone and yes having an opinion!  We falsely believe that it is only shy, insecure people that lack confidence and belief in themselves but how wrong we are. After working most of my life in a “male dominated” environment such […]
  • Best First Step I Ever Made
    My First Step to Independence To achieve Independence and change your life means you will make many first steps, as I have done throughout my life. In making these decisions, you need to be BRAVE, BELIEVE and stay BALANCED.  Scary already isn’t it!!  The very first question to ask id “what do I have to lose if […]