• Safety and the Single Girl
    The Story After experiencing a burglary at Christmas 2018, being a single female, was debilitating, to say the least. Three men broke into my home via my garage and stole more than you could imagine in a few minutes. I quickly had to scratch upon the home and personal safety and security. I had a […]
  • The Healing Power Of Acupuncture
    My Story For many years I knew little about acupuncture except that it was an ancient Chinese healing process involving needles.  Yes, you guessed it, I hate needles, so it was never something that I considered or researched at all for a long time. 25 years ago I lived in the south of England and attended […]
  • Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat
    Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat Do you feel that life is controlling you or you are controlling your life?  Are you often overwhelmed, fed up with life, your job, your family? Do you think every day that you would like to be more in control and enjoying life rather than dreading it?  Then it’s time to get out […]
  • The Miracles of Magnesium
    My first exposure to magnesium was when a nice gentleman selling “creams” at a local market spotted me limping due to a damaged left knee.  He called me over and asked what was wrong.  Unfortunately, a damaged meniscus cartilage that just swelled up regularly.  Nothing can be done as it wasn’t bad enough but swelled […]