About Kathy

In my first job I was so naïve and shy, and I blushed when people spoke to me. This earned me the nickname of “blusher”. To disguise this, I just smiled at everyone, progressing my nickname to “little miss sunshine”. Hence my first email address and still is to this day, is “kcsunshineband”. My manager said to me, “when you walk in with that beaming smile, you light up the room”. This is something everyone can do. That’s when I started to feel the urge to write and share my own story on “The Power of SMILE”.

I have been fortunate in life to have travelled, meet different cultures, see the beauty of many countries and meet some truly amazing people. I now want to progress onto a new nickname using my experience, stories and positive outlook to inspire and help others. My purpose is not only to inspire you, but to help you build your own bravery, belief and balance, and become an Inspiring Bz!