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The Three Bz is a lifestyle site that shares stories, challenges and solutions of many common modern day issues that affect millions of women. Sharing these experiences will hopefully help others that are on one or more of these journeys, giving you a feeling of support, community and expansion.

CoronaVirus March 15, 2020 Must-Read Articles - Don't Panic - Do Prepare What? Where? Why?  Did this virus get released into the community and spread the way it has?  The following is only my opinion based on why I question these things when the dots don’t join up and there are a lot of dots not joining up. Why are labs developing these viruses and how… CONTINUE READING
Fibromyalgia Pt.1 February 20, 2020 Bravery - Fibromyalgia - Wading Through Mud I was asked by my sister-in-law to write about my journey with a little understood, debilitating and often misdiagnosed condition. Honestly, it’s taken me weeks to put pen to paper, not least because there is so much I could tell you that I find it difficult to know where to… CONTINUE READING
Safety and the Single Girl February 20, 2020 Balance - The Story After experiencing a burglary at Christmas 2018, being a single female, was debilitating, to say the least. Three men broke into my home via my garage and stole more than you could imagine in a few minutes. I quickly had to scratch upon the home and personal safety and security. I had a… CONTINUE READING
Best First Step I Ever Made November 19, 2019 Belief - My First Step to Independence To achieve Independence and change your life means you will make many first steps, as I have done throughout my life. In making these decisions, you need to be BRAVE, BELIEVE and stay BALANCED.  Scary already isn’t it!!  The very first question to ask id “what do I have to lose if… CONTINUE READING
Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat December 15, 2019 Balance - Assessing your Lifestyle Thermostat Do you feel that life is controlling you or you are controlling your life?  Are you often overwhelmed, fed up with life, your job, your family? Do you think every day that you would like to be more in control and enjoying life rather than dreading it?  Then it’s time to get out… CONTINUE READING
Bits And Pieces December 15, 2019 Must-Read Articles - Bits & Pieces Just a few of those pesky bits and pieces you have to deal with when you are getting older.  Go to bed one night looking like you are in your forties and wake up in the morning with saggy skin, puffy eyes, dry mouth, stiff joints and constant bathroom visits due to the… CONTINUE READING
Believe in Yourself – Pt. 2 December 13, 2019 Belief - Believe in Yourself Pt. 2 - THE HOW Changing Jobs:- Most people who are in a bad job are either suffering a bad boss, a toxic culture or are bored because they have reached their potential in that role.  If a company does not have an effective development plan in place, then they inevitably end up losing their… CONTINUE READING

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Having lived a professional life, often in a male dominated environment, travelling the world and being a natural communicator, I feel I want to share my experiences to assist others by giving support, knowledge, practical assistance and most of all the confidence and courage to be Brave, Believe and gain Balance.



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